N’teractive Lisbon

We worked with the N'teractive agency on a company event in Lisbon. We realized the scenography of several spaces, including video projection displays, several bars and catering areas with different atmospheres, a DJ space with decorative totems and a DJ table.

Type de projet

Project type

Decoration construction

Année de création

Year of creation


Stage setup with screens installation inside the alcoves, hosting video projections during different shows and concerts.
Stage view during the event.
Design and production of decorative elements with Portuguese influences: bar backgrounds designed with barrels for a wine cave atmosphere. Furniture ornated with traditional ceramics and luminous steles featuring wine bottles are creating a soft and warm atmosphere.
Conception and fabrication of custom-made outdoor bars: inox platforms set up on painted medium fronts, inserts of ice trays for seafood and cataplanas for hotspots. The bars are bordered with painted metal supports, welcoming the light.
Design and execution of a bar background and counter with traditional Portuguese ceramic tiles, azulejos.
Bottle tables punctuating the wine bar area.
Installation of the wine bar decor on site.
Custom-made tables created from azulejos.
Outdoor bar day view.
Decor of barrels mounted on frames.
Bar background detail and counter made from azulejos.
View of one of the restaurant areas, decorated with custom-made chandeliers.
Fabrication, assembling and crating of the chandeliers in our workshop.
Creation of totems.
Luminous DJ Booth creating a clubbing space on the patio.

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