The Atelier Nils Rousset designed and built the décor for the launch of Sloggi’s new line of underwear. The party took place at the Badaboum Club, decorated with a “90’s High School Revival” vibe. The theme of this special night was “Girl Power”, and the ladies ruled the party!

Type de projet

Project type

Set Design, Event and Luxury

Année de création

Year of creation


Foam peanut pit
– Having a blast in the foam peanut pit
Guests find hidden treasure in the peanut pit: clear plastic balls with Sloggi underwear inside
Display wall designed for showing Sloggi products
– Modern girls represented by mannequins chewing bubblegum
The entrance is dark and lit by UV lamps, which light up the fluorescent elastic bands wrapped around the décor, creating a party vibe.

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