Private Event in Château de Versailles

London-based Bentley’s Entertainment called on the Atelier Nils Rousset to design the layout and build the décor for a private event in the Orangerie at the Chateau de Versailles.

Type de projet

Project type

Set Design, Event and Luxury

Année de création

Year of creation



Design and commission of the rollout rugs was ensured by the Atelier, as well as fabrication of the drapes
Creation of gold-mirrored flower boxes with water fountains
Chandeliers and fountains decorate the main walkway. Light projections accentuate the Orangerie’s beautiful arched ceilings.
Installation of stage and dance floor, connected by gold-mirrored steps.
The bar’s Baroque motifs were custom-designed and fabricated by the Atelier
The Atelier’s team designed and built the DJ Booth, consisting of two metallic structures with LED lighting: a large Y and the DJ table.








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