Working from scripts written by La Boite de Pan, the Atelier conceived the layout and props for the first escape game in Montrouge, France. Dive into three different worlds: the wacky apartment of an eccentric couple, the den of a bloodthirsty serial killer, and a mysterious and educational school of magic.

Type de projet

Project type

Escape Game

Année de création

Year of creation


FRONT-BACK – Communication is not always easy. This, indeed, is what makes Mr. Front and Mrs. Back inseperable. You’ll need to use logic, cooperation and, as will be made very clear, communication.
We designed all white-and-black games and puzzles for this contrasting room
BUTTERFLY – Panic runs through the city with a series of fresh abductions by the serial killer “Butterfly”
We were able to recreate this game’s dark scenario with the help of our terrifying props and décor
Creation of organ-filled bottles
Fake blood on the wall of a killer’s workshop
A LA BAGUETTE – Wizards from around the world vie for a place at the exclusive Academie de Fort-de-Brume (Fogfort Academy), where only the most talented are admitted. Nobody doubts that this magical institution is in grave danger…
The Atelier Nils Rousset designed the magical décor for the office of Professor Gransec, Academy Director.
Creation of a cracked and antiqued paint effect on the walls of the room
Creation of old paintings
Modification and arrangement of antiqued chemist vials



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