Commissioned by Bentley’s Entertainment, the Atelier Nils Rousset created the decoration for a private event at Opera Garnier, in the celebrated 8th arrondissement of Paris.

Type de projet

Project type

Set Design, Event and Luxury

Année de création

Year of creation



Lighting towers covered in gold mirror, created and installed by the Atelier, which hide the rigging and blend perfectly with the Opera House’s sumptuous interior. A big thanks to Magnum for their wonderful lighting work!
Stage and DJ booth in mirrored black Dibond and lighted letters, built and installed by the Atelier.
Creation of a mirrored alcove encrusted with red LED lighting, creating a sparkling effect
A pre-existing alcove decorated in mirrored black Dibond, lit by blue strip LEDs
Guests of the event are invited to the cocktail area for a pre-reception drink. The Atelier designed the neon arches and chose the furniture.

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