An architecture firm Valode et Pistre commissioned the Atelier Nils Rousset to create a décor of a “Japanese street” for their offices. The décor was conceived around a Christmas tree theme for the employees’ children.

Type de projet

Project type

Set Design, Event and Luxury

Année de création

Year of creation


The entire street food space was created by the Atelier, with 180 kakemonos decorating the ceiling, 4 food stands, and a small room for adults and kids alike to relax.
A space for traditional Japanese hook-a-duck installed in the entryway. Chimes and Nobori carp hang above the basins, creating shadow play on the adjacent walls.
A big thank you to Baptiste flowers for the vegetalisation of the chinese garden
A typical Japanese “umbrella wall” created by the Atelier
The catering space is decorated with suspended lights and paper rosettes

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